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Free calming, soothing music for your horses and equine companions-reduce stress,separation anxiety

Try EquineFlyStop now and get this amazing Free Soothing Music CD that will improve your equine companion's behavior, reduce stress and relieve separation anxiety.

  Equine Fly Stop Catalog for a Happy Horse and Enjoyment for Both of You  

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Save Money & Time on a Natural Soothing Product That is Not Only Guaranteed to Repel Flies and Ticks, but Works Quickly Without Harmful Side Effects.
any Equine Fly Stop product or you may return it ANy time within 30 days for a full and prompt refund--every penny you paid will be returned to you (including shipping charges)--no questions
Barbara the creator of Equine Fly and Tick Stop

We have a view cart button on the top and bottom of the page so that you can see what you are purchasing at any time. If you have any questions, please or call 908-453-4349 or 877-278-8456 or send the order to
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Thank you. Have a great bugfree day and enjoy.

Equine Fly Stop 32 oz Spray
Keeps the flies away from the horse and you.
Easy to use. Just spray on the horse. Lasts all day in 100 degree heat. Great for hot & sweaty horses.

Non-toxic and safe for horses of all ages. It is economical and good for the animals and you. Spray them all over with it and allow it to absorb into the hair and the skin. This will give them lasting protection while they play and for rides in the woods.

Be sure to spray the face, tail, and hoof area so that they are protected and you do not need to apply all the other products for insect protection. It is important to spray all over, especially the hoof area so that your horse does not stamp as much and crack the hoof. This will save you money and time.

Spray on the fake fleece that is used around the face and that there is constant long lasting protection because the scent will last on the fabric until you wash it off. All you need to do is put it in the washing machine and wash it off and just reapply.

It is also great to spray just before long rides in the woods, so that both of you have some protection. Spray around the stalls and the barn to keep the flies away and have the place smell nice.

32 ounce Spraybottle 39.97
Priority Mail Shipping
& tracking Confirmation $ 5.55

Equine Tick Stop 32 oz Spray
Equine Tick Stop is all natural non-toxic Tick & Deer Tick Control that lasts all day on hot sweaty wet horses with the scent of a perfume. Keeps the ticks away from the horses and you safely and easily.

It is a soybean oil based tick protection with a naturally calming, soothing scent for the horse & you. Safe for young & old horses and people. Spray your horse all over with it and allow it to absorb into the hair and the skin. The ingredients will not hurt the animals and are good for their coats. Spray the hooves so no ticks attack the legs and spray the fake fleece on the halter for long lasting protection.

It is a natural skin emollient. Spray around the barn. We researched all the different essential oils of plants that safely and naturally repel the insects for their own survival and noticed that essential oils like lavender, peppermint, sage, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and vanilla not only repel the ticks but have a pleasant scent.

We process insect repelling essential oils by a unique trade secret method that releases the full potential of the oils to repel the insects while having a de-stressing scent to the horse & you.

This product is the result of over 6 years of research in a very buggy environment and I am very happy to make it available to you. I hope you enjoy it and that the horses enjoy and have no more ticks or deer ticks.

32 ounce Spraybottle 39.97
Priority Mail Shipping

& Tracking Confirmation $ 5.55

Equine Fly Stop 1 gallon
Keep your horse or horses happy and all the flies out of the barn for a long while. Get the Gallon container and spray when needed. Spray the barn and stop bothering with flies. Equine Fly Stop not only repels the flies but dehydrates the eggs to prevent offspring so it is good to spray around the barn for a long term benefits.

Equine Fly Stop 1 gallon 59.97
Priority Mail Shipping
& Tracking Confirmation 5.55

Equine Tick Stop 1 Gallon
Keep your horse or horses happy and all the ticks away from them and out of the barn for a long while. Get the Gallon container and spray when needed. Spray the barn and stop worrying about the ticks coming in and attacking. Equine Tick Stop repels all ticks including the dreaded deer ticks so you can enjoy and so can your horse. Spray around the barn to create a boundry that the ticks will not cross. Keep them away--spray all the doors and windows.

Equine Tick Stop 1 Gallon 59.97
Priority Mail Shipping
& Tracking Confirmation 5.55
so you can get the package quickly and your horse and you can be happy and have fun

Fly & Ordor Repelling Bugrepel Yard, Barnyard and Area Spray
Keep all ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other creapy crawling bugs from the the area and remove bad smells with this water based repelling spray. Spray around the barn and the stall without worry about staining. Freshens the area with the relaxing scent of lavender, lemon, and other calming repelling essential oils. Just spray all over and repel all bugs from your home, party or area.

Keeps mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, ants, fire ants, no see'ums, bees, and roaches away. Spray the perimeter of the area that you want bug-free. Spray all doors and windows.

32 ounce Water based Spray 25.97
Priority Mail Shipping
& Tracking Confirmation $ 5.55

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