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Welcome to the Simple Natural Non-Toxic Solution to all your Insect, Fly, Tick, Flea, Ant, Cockroach, Palmento Bug, Deer Tick, Bee, and No See'um Problems that is Safe for You, Your Children, Your Pets, Your Home, Your Horses and Large animals. Just Spray and Start Enjoying Life.
Click here for the easiest safest way to remove horseflies, mosquitoes, & ticks from Your Horse
Did you know that most mosquito, tick, and flea sprays can take 5 years off your life?

Did you know there's a natural way to protect against West Nile Virus and Lymes Disease?

Bugs Absolutely Hate Bugrepel BUT HUMANS LOVE IT! Keeps West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease Away. Mosquito, and Tick, Flea spray you can safely use on your skin and your pets without taking at least five years off your life like chemical insecticides!
A 10 gallon fishtank was filled with hundreds of house flies (Culex pipiens) that carries West Nile Virus, mosquitoes, and other mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects. I kept my arm in there for 3 1/2 hours and got NO BITES! Do you suppose the president of any other commercial bug repellent would do that? I bet my life on Bugrepel, shouldn't you?
No Chemicals: No Citronella:
No Deet: No Dyes:
No Artificial Products.

Highly Tested Natural Insect Repellents with the Ingredients of a Fine Perfume!

To see our Complete Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products Catalog, just click here!


Because Bugrepel has some of the same high quality essential oils that are in the finest perfumes (Orange, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint are some of the ingredients); some men and women have been wearing it just for the fragrance. (The ingredients in Bugrepel are proven natural insect repellents.)

Stay healthy and happy with Bugrepel. Insects have an extemely sensitive sense of smell. Certain plants emit aromatic molecules (essential oils) to attract particular insects to them to aid in self-preservation through pollination, while others can emit specific aromatic molecules to ward off or repel insects for self-protection.

I have combined 10 of the essential oils that repel mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, and fleas in a water based spray that will not harm you, your family, pets, or stain clothing. Most commercial products on the market used as bug repellents are harmful and contain irritating chemicals that should not come into contact with the skin, eyes, or mucous membranes (or be inhaled for that matter).

On the other hand, essential oils are very useful in repelling insects and are a safe and natural alternative. Bugrepel is 100% pure high quality essential oils.
Nothing else like it anywhere--patent pending.

I've developed a special blend of 10 high quality flower and herb essential oils in a water base sprays that work as natural insect repellents.

Increase your protection against bug bites, tick bites, flea, bee, ant, and spider attacks, Lyme Disease, and West Nile Virus.

Within minutes, you will notice the bugs go away.
Spray around the door and house and you can watch the ants, insects and fleas run away.
Nothing bad is left behind: no bugs and no stains.
All that stays is a wonderful fresh scent.

Special all natural formula that kids can use without harming themselves and you do not have to worry about spraying it on your skin. It will not harm you but is a natural skin emollient.

Irresistible fragrance that you can wear daily as cologne or perfume and yet will also keep you protected indoors and out.

Relieves your stress. Most of the ingredients are essential oils that are known to calm and soothe the body and soul-- while keeping all the insects away.

Unlimited uses. Can be sprayed on clothing, furniture, around the house, yourself, your animals, and car without worry. No stains or stickiness to clean up and will not harm or irritate the skin.

You do not know that you have it on. Your skin is smooth, not sticky.

And, best of all it is completely non-toxic. It will not hurt you, take 5 years off your life or the lives of your family and pets and does not cause cancer.

And just to make the deal sweeter, you get a 30-day money-back, no questions asked guarantee! You get to try the product for 30 days and see if it does what we have claimed that it will do. Now remember, it contains NO DEET!

We are looking for exclusive rights distribution in different countries. If you are interested, please e-mail us or respond to the request information button below. Thank you.

We want to help you with all your insect problems.
If you need help, click here

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Did you know?
* That at least 3 million people are poisoned by pesticides every year. More than two hundred thousands of these people die every year.
(New Internationalist Vol. 323, May 2000)
Protect Yourself when you go out!


Purchasing Bugrepel is a safe non-toxic alternative to pesticides and to insects.

Click below on the highlighted name of the Bugrepel product that you are interested in.

All the Bugrepel products naturally give maximum protection against flies, ticks, bees, no see'ums, fleas, ants, roaches, moths, and other insects. The ultimate herbal mosquito repellent.

Scents are different and some are more focused and concentrated for one type of insect or another. Bugrepel is a synergy of 10 essential oils that repel insects and creates the ultimate natural guard that smells great to humans but horrible to bugs.

We have divided the items into 3 sections--Pets--Home--People (Safe for Newborn Babies To Centenarians) Any Questions--please email or call 908-453-4349.


These are all oil-based Pet Sprays --click on product for more info and to order

The Pet Soybean Oil Spray that is good for removing, repelling, and destroying flies, fleas, ticks, and their eggs from your pet for a full month--they can even swim and still be protected. Quickly absorbs into the fur and protects while conditioning the skin and fur--dogs, cats, ferrets actually like it (calming scent that is good for them but not the bugs)

2 oz Size Soybean Oil for Pets 4 oz size Soybean Oil for Pets 8 oz Soybean Oil Bugrepel for Pets For Several Dogs--32 oz Spray will last all year
These are all water-based Pet Sprays --click on product for more info and to order
Water based Pet Spray 2oz & Shampoo Water Based Bugrepel Pet Spray 8 ounces Combination Pet Spray 8 oz & Shampoo
Equine Fly Stop 32 oz Spray keeps your Horse, Cow and Large Animals Fly, Tick, and Horsefly Free Shampoo/Body Wash helps keep all flies & ticks away & deodorizes too! Pets actually like bathing with it--16 oz Shampoo/Body Wash helps keep all flies & ticks away & deodorizes too! 8 oz.
Home and Yard Products. Naturally keep the flies, fleas, ants, ticks, fireants, cockroaches, and spiders away naturally and dehydrates the eggs so they do not reproduce. Click on the product you are interested in to learn more and purchase.
Home Spray--32 oz Spray safe for your home and family Squirrel Repellent keeps squirrels out of Birdfeeders

NEW! Revolutionary Winter Product IceRepel- Clear sidewalks/driveways the safe IceRepel the snowflake for more!

Bugrepel Products for the Entire Family. Keep Flies, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Blackflies away from your family safe for newborns up--carries the fragrance of a fine perfume.

People actually wear it just for the scent. While on a trip to China "I won a bet because when we got off the bus, people kept commenting to me about the beautiful smelling flowers---I told one--it was me and he said no and I said I bet you. It was me--they could not believe it. I use it all the time and get compliments." Vincent Careri, who sings all over the world with a beautiful voice.

Use the oil-based products for a longer-lasting protection.

Soybean Oil Spray 2 oz Soybean Oil Based Burepel 8 oz Water Based Bugrepel Spray 4 oz Water Based Bugrepel 8 oz.
Spray on and enjoy your day without bugs. A light Spray to keep the bugs away while smelling great.


"People actually wear it just for the fragrance!"

NEW! NightFire Fine Perfume-Millenium Edition! Click Here.

Since you are getting rid of your bugs, this is the perfect time to get this free e-book--"How to Clean Your Home In 60 Minutes" It will allow you to enjoy. Click the Bookworm.

Make it a "Grinchy" Christmas. Mean People Repellent is a perfume to keep the Grinches, Scrooges, Meanies and Terrorists Away so you can enjoy life...FREE Sample available, try it!
Healing Balm is a Lavender Scented healing ointment that you put on any skin irritation that you have or your pet has. Great for marks, wrinkles, if you have a rash, if your dog bites his leg or has a skin irritation or if you have a spot on your cat or if your horse has a mark or an irritation, just put this on. Safe for them and for you.
Healing Balm .05 oz jar Healing Balm 2 oz jar
I use Bugrepel just about everywhere! The lotion is great in tick season and for flies and mosquitoes. The dogs get the benefits of Bugrepel with the Pet Spray, and I use the diluted water-based concentrate everywhere around the house--doors, window, and thresholds. Previously, I would spray a deet product around the door when I would come in from outside, especially at night, to keep the mosquitoes from coming in with me. Of course, deet products now come with warnings. It also takes the paint off the doors.

While all Bugrepel products are impressive, the soy oil based Bugrepel for large animals, is incredibly effective and essential for me. We have 7 horses, and have extremely hot and humid conditions. Horses sweat off other repellents/pesticides within minutesthis includes the toxic sprays that come with a litany of warnings, the citronella, and even the more natural Green Shield product. Constantly respraying is a hassle, and expensive, and for the more toxic brands, even against label instructions. Even if these products did stay on, they still arent as effective as Bugrepel. I did a test of 7 horses. One side of each horse was treated with Bugrepel, the other side, with another name brand product. As soon as the Bugrepel was applied, the flies were gone, some flies were still on the other brand side of the horses. After 12 hours the flies were still off the Bugrepel side, but landing and biting on the other side. At 20 hours, Bugrepel was still working, the flies landed but didnt stay to bite. This works for stable flies, face flies and horse flies.

Even more impressive, we were treating a very young horse with a draining abscess on her face. We had a fly mask on her, but the flies, unable to get through to the wound, were a solid mass on the mask. Also, the filly was too young for traditional toxic sprays. We sprayed her with Bugrepel, and the flies were instantly gone and stayed gone.

I use the water-based Bugrepel when cleaning the barn. When I start cleaning a stall, the first thing I do is spray Bugrepel. This keeps those nasty flies away from me. Eliminating the flies makes an already tough hot summer chore much more pleasant.

The Bugrepel fragrance is great, too. Saturate fabric strips, and tie them to barn fans. This distributes the fragrance, and the effectiveness throughout the barn.

If you have horses, you need Bugrepel. In my experience, Bugrepel is the only effective product out there, instant fly relief, long lasting power, pleasant and SAFE to use.-- Donna Blomquist, Hennepin, IL

I have not seen one tick since I started using the spray!!! I sprayed it on me and it smells wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could use this as a perfume! The dogs may not even mind me spraying it on them! "-- Lorraine with 10 rescue dogs in Raleigh, NC

Your stuff is great! I can now go outside and not be eaten alive and have fun instead. I tried everything and nothing else worked on me. I was a mosquito magnet.--Vincent, NJ

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!! Since using your product, Extra Strength Bugrepel, I can safely sit on my carpet now without worrying about black, hairy, silver-dollar sized Wolf spiders crawling on me. Also, I can now make it from my overhead porch into the front door without taking several spidey friends along. Thank you so much...I have already begun turning people onto your product.-- Melissa Barber,Spanaway, WA

When I forget to spray me or the dogs, it is horrible! You can literally see 20 mosquitoes going after the dogs and I and when I spray they mosquitoes stay away.-- S.L. from Penn.

I tried spraying it on and going outside for a hike in shorts during twilight
time. I attrack mosquitoes much more than most people. (Maybe because I have
ABNeg blood. I'm not sure). A mosquito was hovering over me, but alas was repeled by your spray!! It really worked!! I didn't have one bug bite when I would have otherwise had several!! I tied using on myself and it was fine.
I wish you much success with your product and I will certainly recommend it to whoever would like a non-toxic bug repellent.-- T. from Calf

Thanks, Barbara. I thought you might like to know how I came to order from you. I met a woman at a canoe symposium at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks who shared hers with several of us as we watched canoes on the water in the twilight. I loved the scent.-- Anita, Maine

We had spiders and ants in our kitchen. All the products I used smelled horrible and left a sticky residue that I had to clean. Then I tried Bugrepel, not only did the ants and spidersgo but so did the fleas and the house smells nice and there is no sticky residue to clean up. Thank you.-- E & V from NJ

This is just to let you know how absolutely fantastic your bugrepel is for my three dogs and myself. We can walk for hours now without the fear and concern of ticks & mosquitoes. The dogs used to come in & be loaded, but now I'm hard pressed to find any. Also, the summer flea problem is non-existent. I spray a fine mist in the hall& on the carpets& have no insects at all. It makes a wonderful room deoderizer.Your product is fantastic & I tell all my friends about it. Thanks-- Sharon from Hackettstown

It was the first time that we ever used a bugspray that we didn't mind wearing. It smelled so good that we put it on without bugs around. We use it often.-- The Thorpe Family 2 parents and 3 children ranging from 12-3 years old.

Not only is Bugrepel great at removing Black flies, Gnats,and ticks but I have been wearing Bugrepel as a perfume because it smells wonderful. -- M.Vanasse, Peterborough, N.H.

What I like best about Bugrepel, and mind you, I like everything about it, is IT SMELLS GOOD!-- Librarian, Bethlehem, PA

I am happy to say that your Bugrepel Extra Strength seems to ward off the worst of the mosquitos that we brave every day to walk our dogs-- Ann Lynch, Madison, WI

Old Fashioned scent that brings back happy memories of childhood unlike other insect repellents that stink and do not work.-- Mr & Mrs. K, New Jersey

This product is so pleasant-smelling, you'll get compliments on your new cologne! Wonderful stuff. And it works!--SMA, Bethlehem, Pa.Thank you so much for your wonderful smelling product. It took care of the ants crawling through my kitchen and my home smelled wonderful. -- Elizabeth from NY

My Flea Bag cat and I are so grateful for your products. I used it on the cat and it removed the problems and he actually liked the scent.He is so fussy and has had skin problems and there was finially something that worked without problems-- R. from Fla.

I worry with ticks and my children. I tried your products and they work and the kids do not mind wearing the spray.-- Jenny from Virginia

Your product is amazing! IT WORKS!! As an avid Outdoorsman, Fisherman, & Hiker; I have had the need and opportunity to use and try many products designed to repel or deter Ticks, Mosquitoes, & Blackflies. Most don't work, or they smell hideous or they give more of a skin irritation than the actual bugs. Your product isn't like any other. it smells fantastic, leaves no residue or stickiness and works fantasticly. Gnats and Flies are gone, Tick count is nill, and NO Mosquitoes. One Happy Customer-- D.L. Schaller, Maine and New Jersey

I was thrilled to get the bug spray yesterday. The first thing I thought
when I opened it was that it smelled like a delightful summer cologne. (I may
just use it that way.) And then I was thinking of all different ways it
might be used -- a room freshener, maybe put in candles for the patio to keep
insects away. We live in a nature preserve where there are many plants,
trees, little lakes, etc., and, of course, lots of bugs. Today, I sprayed
some on and walked along the boardwalk to the fitness center where I exercise
every day. Usually, by the time I get home, I'm itching all over from some
bug or other. But nothing bothered me today! What a relief!-- L. Mayse, Saint Petersburg, Fla.

We were having a problem with ants coming in the door. We sprayed it around the doorway and within 15 minutes, the ants were gone. It worked fantastic. We were out on the patio until 4am and not a problem with bugs."-- Jonathan Haas, Haas Packaging, Easton Pa.

I just put some on my fussy older dog and he did not run and roll and act demonized. It kept the insects away.-- Barb from the tick pit, Hawaii

We had a horrible flea problem--on the pets,kids, and all over the house. The children could not sit on the floor. We tried everything and they just kept coming back. Then we tried the Bugrepel Spray and home products. It has been 3 months and still no fleas.-- Margie, New Jersey

Your product was terriffic. It killed the Giant palmeto bugs... Quick and was very pleasant smellling too!! I forwarded all your info to anyone i thought could use your product. -- Bill, Clearwater, Fla.

Thank you for keeping the fleas, ticks, and insects from my 6 dogs and cats that used to be covered with fleas and from the horse, chickens, pigs, and goat in my barn and making it all smell so good."-- Patricia in NJ

I have used the product to spray around the red ant mounds that are everywhere in florida. As soon as the ants crossed the barrier I sprayed they died. I am so satisfied with this product. It is truly a godsend.-- Bill with Wife, newborn, and 2 year old

I just got the bugrepel and started using it. I notice already a difference around my computer. Thanks so much for making one of the bottles extra extra strength. I have been totally frustrated with the exterminator I had (he was a nice person, however) and contacted another, more reputable exterminator who has heard of my problem -- I cannot see what was biting me. Anyway, blessings, I will continue to use the Bugrepel -- it's far better than OFF or any of the other sprays.-- Larry from New York
"I used the spray on the dogs, right away and have not seen a tick
since (on them anyway)! And this morning I spayed the Home Spray in our entry way where some kind of winged ants (not termites) had gotten in from under the foundation...they just climbed back through their little hole and left! Very cool! Our house is over 100 years old and it is a fact of life for us to deal with I feel good about spraying them away, instead of fumigating the house and family with toxic chemicals."-- Scott and Tracy Hutchins, IN

Keep West Nile Virus Away, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Spiders, Roaches, Deer Ticks,Natural Repellent, Non-toxic, Mosquito control, Lyme Disease, ants, and insect repellent. Bugrepel smells good and keeps the insects away. Comes in Flea, Tick, Ant and Roach Control for your Home. Macintosh Apple, Birch, and Cedarwood Scents that smell great while keeping ticks, moths, ants,insects, spiders repelled from you. Horse and Large animal spray, concentrate, and shampoo. Barn and Structure spray. Lantern & Tiki Torch Oil with insect repellent with a spicy cinnamon scent.Tick Guard. Ant Guard. Cockroach Guard. Flea Guard. Insect Repellent. The ultimate herbal mosquito repellent and tick repellent. Bugrepel Guards You against all insects
Be Safe and happy with perfume scented Bugrepel

Bugrepel •  •  p:  908-453-4349  •  300 Warren Road, Oxford, New Jersey, 07863, US
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