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Proven 50% Stronger than DEET!
   Bugrepel Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products : Strong Tick Repel Lotion

Bugrepel Strong Tick Repel Lotion is a natural combination of 10 essential oils in a soothing lotion that is safe to apply to your skin. Spicy scented that is pleasant to wear and for other people but the ultimate fly, tick, and bug repellent.

It allows you to go outside for long periods of time without worry of insects and no sticky mess. Keeps ticks, deer flies, black flies, mosquitoes, insects, and fleas away.

Bugrepel is a natural skin emollient and does not stain clothes. It was designed for Beach lovers, Outdoorsmen, Garden workers, Campers, and Fishermen. Can be used around the house to keep the bugs out. Bugrepel is expensive because a great deal of high quality essential oils are used to guarantee that the bugs stay away. Please try a fly & tick guarding lotion and enjoy.

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