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Proven 50% Stronger than DEET!
   Bugrepel Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products: Specialty Items



All Bugrepel Products are Guaranteed to repel flies, ticks, bugs, bees, ants, & fleas from you, your children, pets, horses, and barn while smelling great! If not satisfied after the first use, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

Safe healthy products
Always 100% cruelty free
No artificial colors, no additives, non-toxic, no DEET, citronella, or chemicals
100% biodegradeable



Healing Balm .05 oz & 2 oz.
Healing Balm is lavender & neem in a soybean/petroleum base and will heal any cuts, bites, skin irritations and scratches you or your dog has --also good for wrinkles. To order the Healing Balm for Pets, please click HERE. To order Healing Balm for People, please click HERE.


Natural Ear Mite Remover

To order the Natural Ear Mite Remover, please click HERE.


"Roaches Away" Cockroach, Ant, and Flea Away pads.

Safe to put around your home--no worry about the dog, cat, or children to be around. Put them under the bed or in the kitchen or where ever you have roaches, Palmetto bugs, crickets, etc. and it keeps them away while having the room smell like lavender and spring. The squares last for 6-9 months. They are sold by the square. Squares are each 2 by 2. "Roaches Away" pads come 2 to a package, but I do not recommend that you just get one package and expect it to remove all bugs from your home. Buy several and place wherever roaches or Palmetto bugs hide or congregate. Spray with the home spray and then use squares to keep the roaches away. To order "Roaches Away" Cockroach pads, please click HERE.


Bugrepel-Treated Potpourri for Your Home

This wonderful Potpourri has been specially treated with Extra Strength Bugrepel and not only will it keep your home smelling fresh and wonderful, it will continually infuse your home's environment with natural insect-repellent, discouraging the presence of flies, bees and other insects. Comes in a handy 6.5" x 5.75" bag, ready to put into your potpourri pot or jar. Brightly colored and cheerful, this Potpourri will freshen and cleanse your home environment. To order your Bugrepel-treated Potpourri, please click HERE.


Bugrepel All-Purpose Home Bug Remover Kit-covers area of 1500 sq. ft.-2-32 oz. Home Sprays, 1 Potpourri, 6 Bugrepel Cockroach Pads

The complete solution for removing Bugs from your Home! This is the way to systematically treat your home for complete insect removal. Add to it our Bugrepel Yard Spray and you have the ultimate Home Treatment Solution for all your Insect Repelling needs! Don't delay, treat your whole House and Yard today! To order the Complete Bugrepel All-Purpose Bug Remover Kit, please click HERE.


NEW! Just for Babies and Toddlers! Monster Repellent Spray! Soothing, calming, 100% Safe and Natural!

"Perfect for Babies and Toddlers. Drives the Bedtime "Meanies" and Monsters out of your child's room. 100% natural. Also soothes and calms your baby due to its inherent essential oil properties. Lets you enjoy Life. Safely spray on baby linens, blankets...even on baby to soothe and calm. Brings a soothing scent to your baby's sleeping area. May your baby be blessed with joy and happiness. Created with love for enjoyment."-- Barb Glander, Creator of MPR.

Joie de Vive Perfume/Cologne

Give or get the gift that everyone wants, Joie de Vive fragrance. Joie de Vive is made from fine herbal essences and is refreshing and cool, yet with a tinge of spice. To order Joie de Vive Perfume/Cologne, please click HERE.


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