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Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products
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To Purchase Bugrepel For Pets Spray 8 Ounces
To Purchase Mean People Repellent 2 ounce
To Purchase Horse & Large Animal Bugrepel Concentrate 32 Ounces
To Purchase Birch Scent Bugrepel 8 ounce
To Purchase Cedarwood Scent Bugrepel 8 ounce
To Purchase Apple Scent 8 oz.
Dog & Cat Bugrepel in Oil 8 oz
Fly & Tick Repel Lotion
To Purchase Combination Dog & Cat 2 oz Spray & Shampoo
To Purchase Combination Dog & Cat 8 oz Spray & Shampoo
To Purchase Bugrepel Extra Strength 4 oz
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Yard Spray
Soybean Oil Based Bugrepel 4 oz
Soybean Oil Based Bugrepel 8 oz
Shampoo/Body Wash 16 ounces
Extra Strength Bugrepel 2 oz in oil base
Yard Spray Concentrate & Sprayer 16.8 ounces
To Purchase Bugrepel Extra Strength Spray 8 Ounces
Bugrepel Extra Strength Repellent Spray 32 ounces
Body Wash/Shampoo/Pet Wash 16 ounces
Equine Fly Stop 32 oz Wholesale Price
Squirrel Repellent
Pet Soybean Oil Bugrepel 2 oz
Pet Soybean Oil Bugrepel 8 oz
Heavy Duty Pond Dog Soybean Oil Spray (32 ounces)
Healing Balm .05 oz
Healing Balm 2 oz
Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products : Body Wash/Shampoo/Pet Wash 8 ounces
The ultimate easiest way to protect your head from ticks, flies, and fleas and to remove fleas, ticks, and insects from your pet by using the a natural shampoo with essential oils. It is mild and gentle but smells nice and cleans well. Great for the family and pets. For the best protection spray with Bugrepel Flea and tick Spray.


List Price:  $12.97
Sale Price:  $7.97

Bugrepel Shampoo/Body Wash to gently keep flies, ticks, & fleas from you, your head and hair and removes all fleas, flies, and ticks from your pet. It is essential oils in a pure natural shampoo base that keeps the insects from your head, removes dirt, and smells spicy. Use it as a hand wash before you go outside to work in the garden to keep insects away and after to remove the dirt. Safe for everyone and has large bubbles to clean well and leave a scent that will repel the insects. No more need to worry about ticks or flies biting the head. Animals actually like the scent of the natural essential oil shampoo and it conditions the coat. Your pet will not mind being bathed with this shampoo. It is great for cats too. Mix with warm water and put on a brush or washcloth and rub down the cat. It removes the insects and the animal is happy. After bathing, it is best to use the Bugrepel Dog & Cat Spray to keep all the insects away from your pet for about a month or until the animals gets wet. It is a long lasting natural guard that animals do not mind wearing.
Spray yourself and your family with Extra Strength Bugrepel or a scented Bugrepel for the ultimate protection against flies, ticks, no see'ums, chiggers, ants, fleas, and other insects.

Bugrepel •  •  p:  908-453-4349  •  300 Warren Road, Oxford, New Jersey, 07863, US
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