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Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products
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Natural Insect Repellents
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To Purchase Bugrepel For Pets Spray 8 Ounces
To Purchase Mean People Repellent 2 ounce
To Purchase Horse & Large Animal Bugrepel Concentrate 32 Ounces
To Purchase Birch Scent Bugrepel 8 ounce
To Purchase Cedarwood Scent Bugrepel 8 ounce
To Purchase Apple Scent 8 oz.
Dog & Cat Bugrepel in Oil 8 oz
Fly & Tick Repel Lotion
To Purchase Combination Dog & Cat 2 oz Spray & Shampoo
To Purchase Combination Dog & Cat 8 oz Spray & Shampoo
To Purchase Bugrepel Extra Strength 4 oz
What is West Nile Virus?
Yard Spray
Soybean Oil Based Bugrepel 4 oz
Soybean Oil Based Bugrepel 8 oz
Shampoo/Body Wash 16 ounces
Extra Strength Bugrepel 2 oz in oil base
Yard Spray Concentrate & Sprayer 16.8 ounces
To Purchase Bugrepel Extra Strength Spray 8 Ounces
Bugrepel Extra Strength Repellent Spray 32 ounces
Body Wash/Shampoo/Pet Wash 16 ounces
Equine Fly Stop 32 oz Wholesale Price
Squirrel Repellent
Pet Soybean Oil Bugrepel 2 oz
Pet Soybean Oil Bugrepel 8 oz
Heavy Duty Pond Dog Soybean Oil Spray (32 ounces)
Healing Balm .05 oz
Healing Balm 2 oz
Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products : To Purchase Bugrepel Extra Strength 4 oz
Remove all flies, ticks, ants, insects, and fleas from yourself and your family with this convenient 4 ounce size.


List Price:  $15.97
Sale Price:  $10.97

Convenient 4 ounce size of Bugrepel keeps all ticks, insects, fleas, and flies away. Plastic spray pump container allows you to carry it with you anywhere. The spicy scent will get you compliments but the insects will avoid you like the plague.Irresistible smelling Bugrepel naturually repells insects, ticks, fleas while allowing you to smell like you have a fine perfume on and is water based so that it is not sticky and is non-toxic so that you can apply directly on your skin without the worry of cancer or taking years off your life like chemical repellents. 100 % natural created with love using fine Eucalyptus oil, plus 9 other special high quality flower essential oils to allow you to be outside and work in your garden or take a walk or enjoy the day without worry of insects. I combined the 9 essential oils in a water base to create a fresh clean scent that is a natural skin emollient that some men and women have worn as a perfume. It allow you to go outside for long periods of time without worry of insects and no sticky mess. Keeps ticks, deer flies, black flies, mosquitoes, isnects, and fleas away. Bugrepel is a natural skin emollient and does not stain clothes. Can be used around the house to keep the bugs out. Bugrepel is expensive because a great deal of high quality essential oils are used to guarantee that the bugs stay away.
Please spray around your house, especially around all the doors to keep the insects outside. Great for ants and other bugs. Will not stain and makes your house smell great.
Repels bugs naturually without citronellla. Relax and enjoy nature!

Bugrepel •  •  p:  908-453-4349  •  300 Warren Road, Oxford, New Jersey, 07863, US
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