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Proven 50% Stronger than DEET! 
   Bugrepel Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products : Bugrepel All-Purpose Extra Strength Home Spray-for Ants and Fleas.

This Bugrepel All-Purpose Home Spray is specially formulated to rid your home of Ants and Fleas.

32 ounce Sprayer takes care of all your needs. Just spray all over and repel all bugs from your home, party or area.

Keeps Ants and noxious Fleas away. Spray the perimeter of the area that you want bug-free. Spray all doors and windows. Spray around the kitchen and bathroom, the basement, utility room and around the garage to keep the insects away.

Especially spray ant and flea filled areas. Spray under beds and under couches. Spray around the kitchen and pet area. Spray around the door and around the rooms. It will not stain and creates a pleasant floral scent in the rooms from the essential oils used.

If ants and fleas are bad and you have floors that you mop, mix with up to 12 ounces of water and mop the floors with it. It will not stain, discolor, or make the floors sticky, but will drive the insects away. The reason this works is because it naturally dehydrates the insects and they die.

Easier and cheaper than toxic bombing and exterminators, and in fact many have called us after trying both and have not had success using the toxic chemicals whereas they find that our Bugrepel natural sprays do the job much more effectively.

The reason this works better is because it not only dehydrates and repels the live roaches and bugs but also the eggs so that no new ants and fleas are born.

No worry about the dangers of chemicals insecticides that harm you, your children, kill your pet if it breathes large doses of it and will not smell bad or harm furniture. It is safe to use on the skin and is a natural skin emollient. Spray it all over and then go out and enjoy.

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