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Proven 50% Stronger than DEET! 
   Bugrepel Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Products : Squirrel, Mouse, Vole & Small Rodent Repellent

























Bugrepel Squirrel & Small Rodent Repellent is a combination of essential oils that squirrels do not like the smell and taste of, in a petroleum base to put on bird feeders and around areas that you do not want the squirrels to be. It is safe for the birds, children, adults, dogs, and cats to be around.

The combination of the scents that squirrels do not like, the touch of the oils in the mixture, and the grease of the petroleum will keep the squirrels away so the birds can enjoy and you can enjoy watching the birds.

It also will keep the flies and bugs away from the feeders and the area where the feeder is. Comes in a 2 oz. and 32 oz. size with plastic sprayer for easy use. Order Bugrepel Rodent Repellent HERE.


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