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"Drive Negativity Away the Cheerful Way! Lets you enjoy Life. Just spray on whenever you wish to drive negativity away. Brings nice people to you. Wear it and have fun. May everyone that comes near you bring you only joy and happiness. Created with love for enjoyment."-- Barb Glander, Creator of Monster Repellent.


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Monster Repellent-Drive Negativity Away...

Repel Negativity and Be Happy Again...


NEW! "Monster Repellent" Spray!

"Perfect for Babies, Toddlers, Pets and even Grown-up Kids! Take on Trips to the Park or Zoo, Business Trips, even on your Morning Drive to Work or School...keep the Kids amused while they travel!"

"Perfect for Babies, Toddlers, Pets and even Grown-up Kids! Drives the Bedtime "Meanies" and Monsters out of your child's, your pet's or your room. 100% natural. Also soothes and calms your baby due to its inherent essential oil properties. Lets you enjoy Life. Safely spray on baby linens, blankets...even on baby to soothe and calm. Brings a soothing scent to your baby's sleeping area. May your baby be blessed with joy and happiness. Created with love for enjoyment."-- Barb Glander, Creator of MPR.

The Concoction
Our Monster Spray/Mean People Repellent is
a very special blend of 8-9 high quality flower and herb essential oils, including soothing lavender, rose, orange and eucalyptus.

Then Barbara added just a dash of cinnamon oil to the mix, and voila, Monster Spray and Mean People Repellent was born!

(It's alive, it's alive!!)

Seriously though, our Monster Spray and Mean People Repellent really is a high quality 100% essential oil tested and clinically proven aromatherapy spray.

These expensive essential oils are known to help insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression, and have even been clinically shown to help children (and adults! over half our customers are grown-up kids like us!) deal successfully with their nighttime fears and concerns about "things that go 'bump' in the night."

These are not just cheap "bubblegum" imitation monster sprays that do nothing more than make the room smell pleasant, these are genuine, 100% aromatherapeutic grade pure essential oils with proven emotionally therapeutic properties.

Please check out the article "Don't forget anti-monster spray at bedtime," in which a child psychology expert who specializes in early childhood development specifically recommends just this type of product for helping children deal with the "scariness" of the Halloween holiday.

This time of year, while it can be fun and playful (as we have tried to make this site) Halloween can also have a truly scary side to it, and this is what we want to address by using an essential oil product that truly does bring therapeutic hope and help for stress and anxiety.

And as an added bonus, our Monster Spray and Mean People Repellent even makes you smell nice--at least to other nice people! 

What is more, we have tested these products ourselves and found that these ingredients have been conclusively proven to work as natural Monster and Mean People Repellent agents.

We tested them at work, at home, at parties and even riding the subway and have found that our Monster and Mean People Repellent really does keep Meanies away! (Read our "Testimonies" section for more!)

When rubbed into the skin thoroughly, this 100% essential oil product will actually repel Monsters and Meanies for hours, and you will smell terrific!!

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Monster Repellent ORDER 1-908-453-4349 or 1-877-278-8456 Toll-Free Monster Repellent is a product created by Bugrepel LLC, 300 Warren Road, Oxford, NJ 07863, 


Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke


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Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke

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