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Monster Repellent

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All-New Monster Repellent for Babies, Toddlers and Grown-up Kids, Price: $15Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke

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Monster Repellent Candles and Gifts

A Note about Essential Oil Candles:

Luxurious, soothing and comforting, these brand new candles are made with a high concentration of natural and rare essential oils and provide a clean and even-burning flame and a long-lasting fragrance derived from rare, natural extracts. The wax of each candle was specifically refined to suit and complement each individual fragrance. The wick is made of only pure cotton, and is lead-free.

Directions for use: Do not trim wick before the initial burn. For best results: The first time you light the candle, only burn for 2 hours. After extinguishing flame, ensure the wick is central and upright. Before each burn thereafter, trim the wick to a 1/4 inch and do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Estimated burning time: 20-25 hours. This long burning time is made possible due to these candles being made with rare essential oils and 100% natural ingredients.


Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,jokeMonster-Repelling Candle, made with 100% specially-formulated Essential Oil...will keep the Monsters away from your Holiday Parties!
Price: $15 Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke

This Month's Special- Light a Candle Against the Darkness

These Beautiful "HeartCandles" are made especially for You to warm and light your home this Fall season. These soothing, fragrant candles will bathe your home in warmth and light. Choose from the 3 sizes below, and in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart write, "Heartlight Candle":

3 in., $10.00

6 in., $15.00

9 in., $20.00


Computer Bug and Static Repellent, Price: $20 Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke

Avoid Computer Problems! With all the computer "bugs" on the loose, isn't it time to exorcise your computer? The Computer Bug and Static Repellent Kit literally keeps harmful static and ElectroMagnetic Field electricity away from your computer. Really works!

New, for Moms and all who love Babies and Toddlers, NIGHTFIRE all-natural 100% Essential Oil Perfume, Price: $12.00 Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke


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We want to bring Joy and Happiness to your life and ban the Monsters as soon as possible, so we are sending out your package by priority mail with a tracking confirmation (usually a 2-3 day service). If you need it overnight, please email or call and we will gladly get it to you overnight. If you want to send the Monster Repellent to another country, please email or call and we will gladly send it right out. We do international orders quickly. Thank you!

Christmas,holiday gifts,friendly humor gifts,grinches,terrorists,cheap gifts,joke

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